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Portrait of Beyond

Portrait of Beyond

Portrait of Beyond is a Finnish progressive rock group combining quite symphonic and psychedelic metal, progressive rock and jazz, with even some pop and electronic touch.


This site is about the music of Portrait of Beyond - the band. And it is also the home of Portrait of Beyond - the (semi)scientific community. Which one of the two is which is an unanswered question. Maybe these actually are but one entity.



Episode V: PoB Strikes Back

[05.04.2014] Due to a unexplained turbulence in current cosmic flux, a new form of musical exploration has begun. It shall take place in distant wilderness, far away from any rural activities. Drum tracks will be captivated in digital domain as a platform of  yet unknown.



[20.3.2009] Portrait of Beyond's long-awaited release is finally ready and available. You can listen the music by clicking below

You can download full songs of the whole album for yourself here