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All songs written by Portrait of Beyond

P. Manninen: Guitars, Soundscape design //
P. Nieminen: Synths  //
J. Soikkeli: Drums, Guitars  // 
J.O Soikkeli: Bass  //H. Roschier: Violin

Vocals performed by: Timo  Lekander, Saila Nykänen, Simo Orpana & Riku Tarvonen

Also appearing on this recording:
Mikko Myllykoski: Grand piano, Harpsichord and rhodes on tracks 1,3,4
SakariAntila: Oboe  on track 3
Antti Jokinen: Guitar solo on tracks 1&2
Antti Heikinmäki: Piano & Hammond on tracks 1&2
Ilkka Castren: Percussion

Recorded, mixed and mastered at CordYard Studio by P. Manninen
Additional recordings at studio Musica by Myllykoski and Manninen

Portrait of Beyond shall be grateful to the  every collaborator appearing on this recording.
Also we wish to express our grattitude to following entities: Tero & LightBros Corporation Oy, VBK